4 Easy Diet Hacks to Nail a Healthy Living Plan


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Try looking up ‘diets’ on a search engine. You’ll be overwhelmed by the countless results on a balanced diet. Sure they’ve been put up by health experts, nutritionists, and trainers with tons of experience. Sadly, you’ll also find material composed by posers or newbies who’ve recently started working on their health.You are intelligent enough to figure out which result is authentic and proven. But, here’s the biggest question that needs to be answered—will the diet work for you?If a certain diet plan worked for everyone, other plans shouldn’t exist. But, that’s not the case, is it? There are hundreds and thousands out there and only a fraction work, but not for every individual. Since every individual is unique, so is their ability to adapt to diets. You should understand how to eat right before you do anything else. Here are 4 tips to get you started.

Drink Plenty to Nourish Your Body

Drink what? Yes, the title is a little misleading, but just to be clear, the subject is water and nothing else.This is not just about quenching your thirst, it’s all about hydration and the benefits of water which include relieving constipation and headaches, treating kidney stones, elevating cognition and energy levels, amongst others. Drink only water by keeping a water bottle close to you. The bottle should ideally hold about a litre of water and be about an arm’s length away.

Pick the Right Weight Loss Vessel

Healthy drinks should be consumed as much as possible. Of course, you will be a bathroom stalker but that’s so much better than ingesting soda (which, by the way, is an effective toilet cleaner) or alcohol (used in batteries).You can drink if you can’t help it but be really picky about the glass that holds your bubbly. Opt for taller glasses instead of short fat ones because they look longer and bigger. That equates to more drink in your glass which makes you stop. It’s understood that you’re likely to drink 20% less from a tall glass in comparison to short, fat glasses.

Plate It Up: Healthy Food Stuff on the Right Platter

Buffets and Thalis is your way of treating yourself once in a while. It is a once in a while affair, right? Hope you don’t eat off a huge plate every day. Because if you are, you’re eating a lot more than you should, and then some people somewhere in the world go hungry.All jokes aside, serve your food on small 10-inch plates because the portion size looks bigger and your mind understands that you have enough on your plate already. Just think about how you’d look (regardless of your size presently) if you try to fit into clothes that are two sizes smaller—you’d look bigger and fatter. Yes, you will, even if you’re skinny. On the other hand, the same portion size on a bigger plate will look diminutive which will leave you unsatisfied and craving for more. Also, you should be really picky about the colour of the plate. Shades that match the food often result in serving yourself more because your mind cannot figure out the portion size. Plates with contrast (dark green and blue) distinguish themselves from portion sizes and also trick your brain into adding more greens as they blend in.

The New Divide: Segregating Healthy Food from Junk

Divide and Conquer. Politicians, rulers, emperors, and even dictators have used this ploy to organize and overpower coalitions. You should do the same to your food. For instance, healthy meals should be wrapped in plastic, stuffed in large containers, and stashed away in places where your eyes can pick them up. Seeing that it’s easily accessible, you tend to reach out for healthy food every time.Blanket junk and unhealthy food items in tin foil and lock them away in tiny boxes away from your sight. In fact, hide them. By doing this, you’re likely to eat less junk because they’re difficult to spot.   It’s just about taking baby steps towards the ultimate goal of getting fit—discipline and consistency is key to achieving fitness goals. Set small, daily targets for yourself and achieve them to have a huge impact in the long run. [av_promobox button='yes' label='Book a Health Check on MediBuddy' link='https://portal.medibuddy.in/Home.aspx?utm_source=blog_cta_ahc_gami&utm_medium=blog&utm_campaign=blog_cta_ahcgami' link_target='' color='blue' custom_bg='#f00' custom_font='#ffffff' size='large' icon_select='no' icon='ue800' font='entypo-fontello']An annual health check reveals details about your body that can help a health expert guide you towards a fitter version of yourself. Take one now to identify areas that require improvement. [/av_promobox] Sources: