44,000 Health Conscious Techies Bat for Wellness and Fun with ChampCamp


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ChampCamp from Medi Assist is in the news again. The interactive wellness program that includes health-related games, fun, and social engagement, was recently covered in detail by Business Wire India.

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Medi Assist, a managed healthcare organization that offers corporate wellness programs, has introduced ChampCamp, an interactive wellness program that includes health-related games, fun, and social engagement. In less than six months, ChampCamp has reached nearly 44,000 employees from more than 15 leading companies. Companies that have experienced ChampCamp are unanimous in their opinion that the format delivers lasting employee delight. Employees at Flipkart recently gave ChampCamp a happiness score of 4.6 out of 5.

ChampCamp has registered up to 40% increase in participation of employees at onsite health benefits and wellness events conducted for the likes of Flipkart, Adobe, Wipro, Persistent Technologies, Exilant, Syniverse, nVidia, Intel, Sabre, Nothern Trust and more.

“Holistic wellbeing is the key to employee welfare and happiness. Organizations, particularly in new-age sectors such as IT, ITES and e-commerce, see a direct correlation between corporate wellness programs and employee productivity,” says Satish Gidugu, COO, Medi Assist. “Unlike traditional programs and sessions, ChampCamp is an innovative onsite program that uses a combination of games, quizzes and engagement to appeal to young professionals,” he adds.

The need for wellness is equally understood by employees and organizations. A key employee retention strategy for corporates, such activities also promote work-life balance among employees. Ironically, however, budgets allocated towards wellness activities are often under-utilized due to low turnout during wellness events. This is primarily due to their staid program design; youngsters prefer activities that they can engage in with friends and share on social media. ChampCamp addresses this latent need for young professionals to go social with their wellness goals.

Persona-based, targeted communication appeals to the different audience profiles among employees; group fitness challenges encourage people to bring their friends along; theme-based games engage participants while they wait for their turn at the onsite event, and social engagement activities convert plain-vanilla camps into a fun filled event for employees.

About Medi Assist

Medi Assist is transforming the Indian healthcare ecosystem by making healthcare more accessible, affordable and actionable for millions of people around the country. It is changing the way the various stakeholders of the ecosystem – insurers, insured and medical service providers – interact with each other; while influencing the ecosystem to cover many more lives that today remain unserved.

A Red Herring Asia award winner in 2014, Medi Assist has been widely recognized for the innovative use of technology in the healthcare industry. The company has also been listed as one of Forbes India’s Hidden Gems in 2014. For more information, visit www.medibuddy.in.”