A World of New User Experience with MediBuddy+ v2.0

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The MediBuddy+ portal for hospitals empowers you to move your entire claims management process online. From raising pre-authorization requests online for eCashless claims to enjoying faster settlement of outstanding claims, MediBuddy+ helps you extend cashless hospitalization to your patients with great ease. Now,we are bringing to you MediBuddy+ v2.0, with improved features and a whole new user experience. What has changed? The following are a few feature improvements available now in your MediBuddy+. 1. Notifications The new notifications tile automatically notifies you about new addition to claims or change in claim status, beginning from logging a new cashless/eCashless claim up to the claim being settled in case of approval.The notification tile also notifies you about the claims that have been approved, denied as well as claims being processed. Apart from being updated about change in claim status, you can perform several necessary actions, which include raising enhancement costs for additional inpatient treatment, submitting missing documents and discharge documents. 2. Simpler claims search The new version of MediBuddy+ offers you a simplified and unified claims search, instead of having multiple and distributed filters. The various search criteria include claim number, patient name, inpatient number and NEFT/UTR number. Besides a unified search, you can also search for claim details using the claim status including active claims, claims for which documents are awaited and claims that have been settled.Besides these, you can update patient’s date of discharge. 3. Submit discharge anytime If you have found it difficult to submit a patient’s discharge on the tool when a patient’s claim was already being processed, you can now relax. You can now submit the patient’s discharge at any point of time, irrespective of whether an earlier claim is under process or not. So, welcome to MediBuddy+ v2.0!! Welcome to a whole different world of user experience.

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