Prefer Cashless Transactions? Then Explore the Benefits of Cashless Hospitalization

Benefits of cashless hospitalization

When you step out for the day, do you check your mobile wallet or Uber wallet to make sure you have enough funds to tide you through digital payments for the day? If that’s the case, you certainly wouldn’t want to handle larger transactions by cash. Read on to understand how even hospitalization can be cashless with MediBuddy.

Benefits of Cashless Hospitalization

There’s more reason than one to go cashless during hospitalization!

1. Reduces direct financial burden on the beneficiary

Hospitalization, irrespective of whether planned or emergency, gives rise to multiple concerns, one among them being the expenses involved. So imagine having a key concern taken off your plate when your insurance can do the financial heavy lifting. MediBuddy offers three prime benefits to help plan hospitalization better: it gives you visibility into key hospitalization expenses such as procedural costs and room tariffs; allows you to compare these costs against those in other network hospitals; and helps you make a well-informed decision along with the freedom to choose the right healthcare provider for your needs.

2. Easier to handle emergency hospitalization when you travel

You simply cannot predict when you would need medical assistance. Falling sick while traveling in a new part of the country can be least expected, but can be handled better by opting for the cashless route. There’s an additional advantage with MediBuddy: if you are unaware of medical facilities available in the area, all you need to do is log onto MediBuddy to find the closest network hospital.

3. Fluctuations in medical costs do not affect you

Medical costs can sometimes be subject to unexpected changes. With MediBuddy, you remain unaffected by any fluctuations in procedure costs since you are eligible to avail pre-negotiated package prices at our network hospitals. With cashless hospitalization, you move away from an open billing system, and remain insulated from the risk of hikes in procedure costs.

4. Access to a reliable healthcare ecosystem

Yet another advantage of the system is the ease of access to a well-connected stream of healthcare services across the country. MediBuddy offers one-stop access to a trusted network of partner providers for all your inpatient, outpatient, wellness and fitness needs at preferential rates.  

Cashless Hospitalization with MediBuddy

MediBuddy helps you avail cashless hospitalization with unprecedented ease. Log into MediBuddy and check out your MediBuddy Wallet. Your MediBuddy Wallet gives you direct access to your sum insured to help you utilize all inpatient and outpatient services covered under your health insurance policy in a cashless format. Planning a cashless hospitalization on MediBuddy is simple. Click here for step-by-step instructions to understand how you can go about it.

Upon confirmation of admission into the chosen hospital, your MediBuddy Wallet will be utilized to the tune of the preauthorization approved. By the time you are discharged, the full value of benefits utilized for treatment will be obtained from your MediBuddy Wallet while you enjoy a cashless stay at the hospital.

Have a hospitalization in the family? You now know how to go about it. Find out more by signing into MediBuddy.

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