Health Insurance cover for Senior Citizens

Health Insurance Cover for Senior Citizens: A Complete Guide

Health Insurance cover for Senior Citizens

As you grow older, your body becomes frailer and your immunity weakens. That is why you become vulnerable to disorders, diseases and injuries.  You need some extra care and support during these years. And that is why you need a health insurance policy, so that should your health fail, the policy will see to all your medical expenses and ensure that you get the best treatment. Many people wonder, “Can I get health insurance if I am over 65?” since most health care plans cap the entry age at 65. But today many insurance companies have special health insurance covers for the elderly, especially those above 65 because their health needs to be safeguarded too.

Why are companies formulating critical illness plans for the elderly?

Things have changed in the 21st century. With inflation having gone through the roof, medical expenses have become exorbitant. Treatment for any illness can severely strain a person’s finances, especially if he/she is a senior citizen. This happens because by that time people retire and their source of income dwindles.

Moreover, rising pollution levels too are ushering in a number of health challenges, and the elderly are highly susceptible to them. So, companies have realized that the need of the hour is to bring senior citizens (this section of the population is consistently expanding) into the fold of insurance coverage. 

What benefits can you expect from a health insurance plan for senior citizens?

A health plan for senior citizens will provide the same benefits as a regular medical care plan. Let’s take a look at them –

  •   It will cover pre and post-hospitalization costs, doctor’s consultation fees, room rent, diagnostic tests etc.
  •   Senior citizens will get to make the most of tax benefits under section 80D of the Income Tax Act
  •   The facility of cashless treatment
  •   Daycare expenses
  •   Ambulance charges
  •   You will not have to undergo special medical tests to purchase the policy
  •   Most insurance providers will cover pre-existing illnesses
  •   You will be offered a higher quantum of sum insured
  •   The hassle-free claim settlement process


Few things to keep in mind

Coverage: There might be a few exclusions in your policy. Read the fine print and only opt for a policy that provides extensive coverage against illnesses.

Premium: It’s possible that you will have to pay a steeper premium for your health cover. But even so, compare policies and purchase one that requires you to pay less premium than others, without compromising on the coverage.


Health insurance cover is available for senior citizens. If you don’t already have a health scheme, get one right away.

Ageing comes with its own share of health issues. But worry not! Health insurance plans are there to save the day. To know more about health insurance policies and their coverage, read our blog.


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The digitization of healthcare data is not merely a matter of convenience. Apart from allowing for the capture of data in a form that can be easily stored and accessed, it also facilitates further processing, which leads to better insights. A key benefit of using insightful information is the formulation of better health insurance policies, by health insurers. Read our infographic to know more.


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Overview of medical diagnostic industry in India

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Group Health Policy Vs Individual Health Insurance Coverage

Does a Group Health Policy make Individual Health Insurance Coverage redundant?

Group Health Policy Vs Individual Health Insurance Coverage

A group insurance policy is an attractive way to lure bright minds to a company. And it is indeed beneficial because it covers the employee’s health care bills. And this perk extends to the employees’ spouse, children and dependent parents too. And that is why many people lull themselves into the misconception that the group policy is sufficient, especially because they do not have to pay a dime for the premium. And they push off purchasing an individual health insurance coverage plan till retirement. But if you are one of these people, this could really hurt you.

Is Group Health Insurance better than Individual?


The waiting period

A group insurance policy does not have any waiting period, but don’t forget that medical insurance plans for individuals come with this waiting period clause. A certain period of time (usually four years) has to elapse before you can claim the benefits of the policy. Suppose you purchase a policy in your sixties. If an illness is diagnosed right after, even if it is covered by your individual plan, it will not come to your rescue because of the waiting period.

Pre-existing conditions

Unlike a group health care policy, when you have to buy an individual health insurance coverage plan you will have to hand all your medical records over to your insurer. And if the insurer spots a pre-existing illness, the company may decline from selling you a policy. That is why you shouldn’t bide your time until you retire to get yourself an individual health insurance policy. An illness can strike at any time. And then it will be too late to buy a policy. Also, if you quit the company, then you will no longer be covered by your group insurance policy and you will be left unprotected.

Becomes expensive

The older you get, the more expensive individual health insurance coverage becomes. That is because you are more likely to become sick in your old age than in your youth. So insurers do a risk assessment and charge you a higher premium when you are at an advanced age (remember most insurers cap the entry age at 65). You would even have to undergo medical tests, which can prove to be a world of hassles. The younger you are when you purchase a policy the smaller the quantum of premium you have to pay.


Group health insurance alone cannot be counted on to have your back when your health fails you. You need individual healthcare plans as well. And the earlier you purchase it, the better.

Individual healthcare plans are very much essential and must not be left in disregard just because you are covered under a Group Insurance Policy. To know more about how Health Insurance policies actually work, read our blog on the same.