6 powerful ways you could strengthen your heart


Expert tips to keep heart diseases at bay

We have all heard the adage “Prevention is better than cure”. We opt for diagnosis, medication and treatment after the occurrence of a disease. However, the onset of cardiovascular complications, heart attacks and strokes have necessitated the shift of focus to prevention. With healthy changes in diet and exercising, we can dramatically reverse the progression of coronary diseases and stabilize plaques thereby reducing chances of heart failures. Listed below are 6 lifestyle-based approaches to strengthen your heart. 

Engage in physical activity:

Spending less time sitting and more time moving helps to control weight, lowers blood pressure, strengthens bones, reduces stress and improves sleep. Instead of static binging on television series, it is advisable to conduct at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercises daily. Resistance training and stretching also enhances flexibility. Always begin your workout routine with basic warm-up exercises to ease your body into it. If it is impossible to accommodate regular exercising into your schedule switch to walking. Baby steps like taking stairs instead of elevators and walking to the grocery store go a long way. 

Lose excess body fat:

Keep aside the debates on “body shaming” and “accepting your body”. As your body weight increases plaque builds up in your arteries leading to cholesterol formation, diabetes and high blood pressure. Obesity prevents the heart to pump blood efficiently. Fat in the belly gives rise to chemicals like cytokines and steroid hormones that cause life-crippling diseases. Lower daily calorie intake, consuming generous portions of fruits, whole grains and beans, and saying no to oily street food can extend your lifespan by leaps and bounds. 

Quit smoking:

From lung cancer, to kidney cancer and heart diseases, the list of adverse effects tobacco has is endless. It also hampers the health of those around you due to passive smoking. There are various scientifically-proven medications, therapy and nicotine patches to help one quit smoking. Registering for a smoking cessation program is also a positive step to a healthy life. 

Keep a lid on stress:

The hurdles in life are real and it is not always feasible to handle things with a calm mind. But the next time you face a curveball, remember a sudden burst of stress can lead to high blood pressure and irritable bowel syndrome. Continuous stressing heightens the incidence of heart attacks. Sometimes binge eating due to stress leads to diabetes and cholesterol formation. Using natural tranquillizers, meditation and yoga can help you manage your stress levels. Taking stress management classes or consulting a therapist is also a great option to look into.

Go easy on the booze:

Evidence suggests a glass of red wine can raise the levels of HDL cholesterol that protects the heart. However, excessive alcohol intake leads to heart attacks and strokes. Heavy drinkers encounter a condition called cardiomyopathy that alters the suppleness of cardiac muscles. More alcohol has been proven to cause obesity.

Eat dark chocolate and blueberries:

Dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants and helps to lower LDL which directly contributes to the development of many heart diseases. Consuming dark chocolate reduces insulin resistance. Eating blueberries every day improves cardiovascular health. Studies have found people suffering from metabolic syndrome have witnessed an improvement of their condition with a daily serving of blueberries.


Altering a few aspects of your life will give you appreciable returns in so many ways. It will boost your energy and zeal to function. Embracing the above-discussed steps will take better care of your heart making you and your loved ones lives happier and healthier. 

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Common Sexually Transmitted Diseases You Must Beware Of


What are the Most Common Sexually Transmitted Diseases?

Sexually transmitted diseases are on an all-time rise. Most of these take years to heal while some do not have any proper medical treatment and those suffering from them may not recover. However, the good news is that one can avoid these with some awareness and caution. In this article, we have covered some of the most common sexually transmitted diseases and their causes.

HPV (Human Papillomavirus)

This common disease is transmitted by way of vaginal, anal or oral sex. HPV has been divided into various types. While most of these do not cause a serious problem and get healed naturally over time without any medical intervention however there are some that lead to the development of genital warts. Problem in throat and mouth occurs due to others while yet others cause serious problems such as cervix and penis cancer.


HIV is yet another common sexually transmitted disease. This deadly infection impacts the immune system adversely and destroys it over time if left untreated. It takes the shape of AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) that has claimed numerous lives around the world.

Genital Herpes

This is one of the most painful medical conditions transmitted through sexual contact. It causes sores and blisters in the genital area resulting in severe pain and discomfort. Those with a strong immunity overcome this problem quickly. However, others may experience repeated outbreaks of herpes.


Caused by a parasite, this is yet another common sexually transmitted disease. While both men and women are prone to this disease, the later are more likely to show its symptoms. One of the most common symptoms is foul-smelling vaginal discharge. Both the partners must undergo a course of antibiotics to treat this condition.


The medical condition impacting genital area, mouth and lips is caused by bacteria and transmitted sexually. Just like AIDS, it can also be passed from mother to child during pregnancy. Those suffering from it may experience a sore or swelling in the surrounding lymph nodes. If left untreated it can increase the chances of incurring HIV and may even lead to complications in pregnancy. In certain cases, it leads to graver issues. It is best to get it treated at an early stage to avoid complications.


Caused by bacteria, this disease is transmitted through anal or vaginal sex. However, the chances of contracting it through oral sex cannot be ruled out completely. Pain or burning sensation while peeing are the common symptoms of Chlamydia, however, symptoms do not show up in most cases. Antibiotics are prescribed to cure this condition.


Precaution is certainly better than cure. Thus, you must take necessary precautions to avoid these conditions from occurring. However, in case you feel the slightest of symptoms or have a feeling that you may have incurred any of the aforementioned medical issues then it is suggested to consult a doctor right away. 

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Six Ways You can Prevent STDs


Tips to Avoid the Occurrence of Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Sexually transmitted diseases can not only take a toll on your physical health and well being but can also be draining mentally. It is thus best to take precautions and avoid contracting them in the first place. Ironically, as important as it is, your parents, guardians and teachers are likely not to discuss their harmful consequences or the ways to prevent them. You are on your own when it comes to such learning. Thus, to widen your knowledge so as to ensure you and your partner remain safe, we have shared some effective ways to prevent STDs. Read on to find out what they are!

Practice Safe Sex

Practising safe sex is the key to reduce the chances of incurring sexually transmitted diseases substantially. You must act responsibly and take all the necessary precautions each time you indulge in physical intercourse. Also, do not make the mistake of believing that oral sex does not require any precaution. Those who are at high risk of contracting such infections must particularly use barrier during oral sex.

Define Boundaries

Changing partners frequently or having casual sex can increase the chances of developing STDs. It is essential to define boundaries in relationships and not get intimate with just about anyone you find attractive.

Discuss with Your Partner

There is no need to shy away from these topics. You must have a healthy discussion about it with your partner to ensure both of you stay safe. Any gynaecological problem must be shared to let your partner know as to why you aren’t keen on physical intimacy. You must also learn to say no if having intercourse hurts or makes you feel uncomfortable. These can be symptoms of a deeper problem that should be diagnosed at the earliest.

Go for STD Testing

It is suggested to go for STD testing before getting intimate with a new partner to play safe and rule out the chances of infection. Besides, if you incur this problem and are undergoing medication for the same then do not indulge in sex before the treatment is complete. It is suggested to get tested again after the completion of the medical procedure to be sure of your condition.

Avoid Drinking Heavily on Date Night

You are more likely to indulge in unprotected sex if you drink heavily on your date night. Having drugs can have similar repercussions. It is thus suggested to act responsibly and avoid such a situation.

Get Vaccinated

Vaccines have been devised to guard against STDs such as HPV and Hepatitis. These are safe and effective. It is recommended to get these vaccinations.


Most young men and women avoid discussing such conditions initially and consult specialists only when it is too late. The seriousness of these problems must be understood and correct and timely action must be taken to avoid them from occurring/aggravating. 

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Six Ways You Can Improve your Gynaecological Health


Simple Yet Effective Tips to Maintain Gynaecological Health

Maintaining good gynaecological health is of utmost importance as ignoring the same can result in serious medical problems. Gynaecological issues can even hinder physical intimacy among couples and thus take a toll on their relationship. If you are concerned about your gynaecological health but are hesitant to consult a specialist to learn about the ways to keep it intact then this piece of writing is a must-read for you. Here, we have shared a few ways you can improve it without much hassle.

Maintain Healthy Body Weight

Women who are overweight or underweight are more likely to experience gynaecological problem. This is because the menstrual cycle depends largely on the body weight. If you fall under this category and experience irregular periods, heavy flow or severe pain during menstruation then it is time to start having fibre-rich food and adequate water and to maintain healthy body weight. Doing so will keep these problems at bay.

Indulge in Regular Exercise

Indulging in regular exercise helps in maintaining overall health. Pelvic health also improves with regular exercise. However, do not go overboard with it. Exercising in moderation is the key. Women should follow kegel exercise regime as it is the best way to keep the pelvic strong and shun bladder related problems. Strong pelvic also bars the possibility of incurring sexual problems.

Have Safe Sex

Many of the sexually transmitted diseases impact the genital area adversely and thus lead to poor gynaecological health. They may even lead to serious health conditions such as cervical cancer, infertility and ectopic pregnancy. It is advised to practice safe sex to avoid such health issues.

Plan Pregnancy at the Right Age

It is suggested to plan a pregnancy when you are still in your late twenties or early thirties. This is because as women reach the mid-30s they become more susceptible to miscarriages and other pregnancy-related complications. Besides, it is essential to keep extra care of your health around the time you are planning a baby to ensure a smooth pregnancy.

Get Annual Gynaecological Check-Up 

It is highly recommended to get an annual check-up done to detect gynaecological issues on time. Early diagnosis gives way to timely treatment and bars the chances of incurring serious problem.

Avoid Use of Strong Products

The use of harsh chemical-based soaps, creams and sprays is a strict no when it comes to genitals. These products can cause irritation, redness and even lead to serious problems. It is best to use mild, organic products down there. Besides, it is recommended to wear soft breathable clothing.


All the aforementioned points are easy to follow and do not consume much time. You must make it a habit to inculcate these in your routine to ensure sound gynaecological health and keep serious infections at bay. However, if you still develop a problem then it is suggested to seek professional help and get it treated at the earliest. 

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