Dealing with Mental Health Challenges


Table of Contents

Mental health concerns are medical conditions that can disrupt an individual's ability to relate to others, affect their feelings, moods, and thoughts. Like other common chronic physical illnesses there are many effective treatments available. Many of us deal with challenges while addressing our mental health.

Below are ways to deal with questions or statements that you may hear:

Acknowledging the issue

It is vital to acknowledge the differences in our actions, feelings and thoughts.  

Being open

There are times when others point out these differences and it is okay to be open to such observations. This can also provide an opportunity for self reflection.


Open conversation with people gives us an opportunity to express our thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Reaching out to a professional

It is as normal as reaching out to a physician for headache/fever. Only professionals can provide the right diagnosis and advice, not friends or family.

Facing the stigma

The reactions to your efforts may persist in your environment. It is significant to not focus on such reactions, because you are on the track towards healing.

Continuation of treatment

It can take more than 1 session to resolve concerns related to mental and emotional health. Consistency in treatment works wonders in terms of healing.


Don’t hesitate to attend follow-up sessions


You as a person are bigger than the concern you are experiencing. You can resolve the concern with continuous treatment and feel healthy once again, mentally and emotionally.

Getting help, getting the right treatment and helping yourself heal is better than being ignorant.

Sanjushree V H
Consultant Psychologist