Diwali and Diabetes: 8 tips to keep your blood sugar from shooting up like a firework!

Diwali means family and friends coming together, having lots of fun, sharing savouries and sweets. However, if you are binge eating during the festival, it might not be good for your health. Especially for people with diabetes, letting your diet go amiss may be worrisome. Not only sweets, the drinks and snacks full of calories and added sugar may be the reason for your blood sugar to shoot up.

Festivals during the pandemic are even more difficult. People with underlying health conditions such as diabetes, tend to over indulge in processed food and not only will it raise their blood sugar levels, it can also reduce their immunity. As we know diabetic patients are more vulnerable to the infection, it is also more difficult to treat them and the recovery period is prolonged.

Tips to keep your blood sugar levels in check during Diwali:

You must be careful about the portion sizes
The delicacies prepared for diwali may look very tempting, but people with diabetes should limit the portion size of sweets and savouries. Eat in smaller plates to avoid any significant spike in blood glucose.

Opt for natural sweeteners
You can still eat your favourite sweets if they are homemade with natural sweeteners. Feel free to add dates, raisins and other dry fruits. You can also get sugar-free sweets.

Have more healthy foods
Sweets must be eaten along with healthy foods. You may intake healthy fats like yoghurt, nuts, and unsaturated oils. This will help slow down the digestive process and prevent a rise in blood sugar. People with diabetes should have  fibre-rich whole foods.

Stay away from excessive alcohol
Alcohol must be avoided or taken in small quantities only. Diabetic patients should be extra cautious because alcohol interferes with sugar levels and excessive consumption can reduce the effectiveness of insulin that regulates blood sugar.

Try to maintain your regular timings
During festivals, people usually skip meals and get busy with preparations. Diabetic patients must not eat at irregular times or be fasting for long durations as it causes a drop in blood sugar and fatigue.

Staying hydrated is important
Diabetic patients must always drink enough water and avoid dehydration. Inadequate amounts of fluid in the body can be bad for them.

Do not forget to monitor your blood sugar
It is necessary to regularly measure your blood sugar during festivals. Keep a note and speak to your doctor in case of any irregularities. Taking medication or insulin on time is also extremely important.

Avoid fried snacks
Fried snacks are never a good option. Diwali snacks are best if baked and not fried foods.


A diabetic diet does not have to eliminate sugar or sweets completely. The extent to which diabetes patients can indulge in sweets depends on their condition. Mindful eating is the key to staying fit and healthy in the festive season. People may be stressed because they are hosting a party or there is lack of physical activity and these may cost you. Celebrate a safe diwali, take care of your health, regularly have your medicines and exercise without fail to keep both stress levels and blood sugar levels in check.


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