Early signs of bone problems.


We understand that each of us knows an older person with osteoporosis or arthritis. It makes up for the most common bone issue all around the world and there has been extensive study on the subject that allows it to deal with the problems more efficiently. Today practically the entire world is dealing with the same issue, as bones are the building structure of the human body and used on a regular basis, it is necessary to take care of them.


This article provides 5 instances where one can figure out if his or her bones are in a sticky situation and might need help sooner than later. These indications show that your bones may be already under duress and hence it would be advisable if you consulted an orthopedic regarding the same issue before it can get too late.


Bone fracture – If you’ve had more than one bone fracture in various locations of the body, then you might want to take a bone density test as you may be suffering from Osteopenia, which causes bones to thin down and is one of the leading factors that ultimately line up to osteoporosis. Osteopenia is like the building block towards arthritis or osteoporosis, it causes the bones to thin down to the extent that it no longer can bear your body weight and will lapse over time.


Naturally small-framed – Bone structures are of various sizes and if your bone structure is naturally small-framed or thin, chances are high that you may be at a risk of having future bone problems. The smaller the bone structure, the greater the chances of osteopenia, fractures and osteoporosis. It is simply so because naturally small framed bodies tend to lack the strength to or holding capacity as it is known, cannot withstand the pressure of our body requirements on an everyday basis and must be taken into consideration to help rule out osteoporosis in the future.


Smoking habits – A person who smokes does not have as healthy an immune system as a person who does not smoke. Smoking not only causes unhealthy operations of the lungs but also decreases the density of the bones. Smoking causes the individual to stop proper blood flow into the bone tissues, hence restricting proper growth or repair of the bone.


You drink quite often – An individual who is in the habit of drinking regularly is also under the pressure of having unhealthy bones. Hence, drinking not only disturbs your liver functions but also your bones. Alcoholic substances not only hampers the bloodstream that leads to the bones it creates lesions or lumps along the bone line that will disrupt the proper functioning of the work.


Lactose intolerant or improper diet – Individuals who have had problems with consuming milk have higher chances of bone deficiency. Improper diet is also a leading factor related to bone issues and cannot be taken lightly.

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