Welcome Your Bundle of Joy with eCashless

eCashless for maternity

The first eCashless request comes from Kashmir. Sunny and Aditi, a young couple from Kashmir, are looking forward to welcoming their little one into this world. Sunny is a member of the Medi Assist family. Being well-informed about Medi Assist services, he decides to opt for the eCashless service and planned hospitalization for his wife’s delivery.

Sunny wants to make this moment special for both of them by staying with her while their child comes into this world. With the eCashless option, he can also request for a preferred room type during hospitalization. So, he logs on to his MediBuddy app, provides the necessary details, selects a preferred room type and sends the request.

Within a few hours of sending a request, Sunny gets a provisional preauthorization from Medi Assist, which he can track on his MediBuddy app. He also receives a secure passcode. On the day of admission to the hospital, he takes his wife to the hospital, along with a photo-ID and his Medi Assist e-card, and presents the secure passcode at the insurance desk. He instantly receives his preauthorization approval letter. In a few minutes, as per his previous request, Aditi and Sunny are green-channeled into his preferred type of room.

Sunny is absolutely delighted about the way cashless hospitalization is changing with eCashless. Be part of this change. In the case of a need for planned hospitalization, think eCashless and nothing else.