9 Effective Home Remedies for Common Cold and Cough


Home remedies are DIY methods that you can turn to in order to treat minor ailments. Of course, it is important to note that you should not substitute a visit to the doctor with home remedies for too long . When it comes to common cough and cold, on the other hand, you can safely rely on natural ingredients that you will find in your kitchen. Here are some great home remedies for common cold and cough:

1. Drink Lots of Fluids

Water, lemonade, juices, and even sports drinks are great when you have a cough or cold. This is because fluids can moisten your throat to provide relief from the dryness and pain and also help decongest your airways. Hot soup is also great for common colds and coughs because the heat clears congestion effectively.

2. Steam Inhalation

This is probably one of the most well known home remedies for cold. All you need is a pot of boiling water and a towel. Hold your head over the pot and pull a towel over your head to prevent steam from escaping. Breathe in the steam in order to open up the congestion in your airways. Some people also add pepper or mint to the boiling water, however, that is optional.

3. Gargle with Salt Water

Gargling with warm salt water is a great way to soothe the pain in your throat and treat common cold and cough at home. Though it provides temporary relief from the soreness in your throat, gargling 3-4 times a day is an effective way to treat your cough. You can also use tea and honey to gargle.

4. Use Hot Packs

By placing hot packs on your sinuses, you can help dissolve the congestion in your airways. One of the most annoying things about a cold is the inability to breathe so hot packs can really help you to get rid of common cold symptoms.

5. Hot Water, Honey and Pepper Mix

This is a great natural cure for common cold and coughs. Add a tablespoon of hot water to a bowl along with a few teaspoons of honey and cracked black pepper. Drink this mixture. The heat from the pepper opens up your sinuses while the honey soothes the soreness in your throat. You can have this mixture once or twice a day, as you see fit.

6. Aromatherapy

If you are wondering how to cure a cold through means that require the least amount of effort on your part, then you should consider aromatherapy. All you need to do is add a few drops of essential oils to a diffuser and let it work its magic. Some of the best essential oils to use to create home remedies for cough and cold include lemongrass oil, eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil, lemon oil, lavender oil, and frankincense essential oil.

7. Get Plenty of Rest

Rest is the most underrated way to treat yourself. In today’s professional environment, many people are prone to working through their colds and coughs, thinking that these minor issues can resolve themselves and do not require much rest. However, that is not true. When your body is under attack from a virus you should take a break and rest as much as possible.

8. Use an Extra Pillow

By adding an extra pillow under your head, you can ensure that your sinuses are at an angle that allows them to clear up faster. This is a great trick for those who are wondering how to get relief from cold and cough. It will allow you to breathe easily while you sleep, which in turn will make sure that your body is well rested and on its way to recovery.

9. Menthol Salve

A menthol salve is another way to get relief from some of the more painful common cold symptoms. All you need to do is dab a bit of menthol, camphor, or eucalyptus balm under your nose. These things have numbing properties and can help elevate any pain in your nose.


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