Network Hospital Search for your customers made easy, with MediBuddy!

MediBuddy can help your customers find the right network hospital.

As a responsible agent, you are sensitive to the hospitalization needs of your customers. That is why, when your customers are on the look-out for a hospital which is close to them and is also within the network of their insurer, you want to promptly help them out with the right list of network hospitals for them.

But responding quickly often proves a challenging task, since you have to grapple with the confusion and stress of finding out which hospitals are covered under a particular insurer for that customer.

This is where MediBuddy, the exclusive portal and app for Agents, can be of great assistance to you!

Search for a Network Hospital on MediBuddy

MediBuddy can help you find the right hospital that is as per your customers’ preferences, in an instant! Simply log into your MediBuddy on and click the Search Hospitals tile on your MediBuddy. Here, you will be able to search for hospitals by:

  • Insurer – You can select your customer’s insurer and sort your search
  • Location – You can search for the network hospital nearest to your customer’s location through a map-based search
  • Speciality – Based on the kind of treatment/hospitalization that your customer is looking for, you can filter your search by the type of speciality available at different network hospitals


Other convenient features on MediBuddy

Explore more awesome features on MediBuddy, that are designed to help you make your work simpler!

  • Create your own preferred login to access the portal
  • Get visibility into your customers’ policies. You can also know when their policies are due for renewal
  • Obtain real-time status of your customers’ claims
  • E-card downloads for your customers anytime and from anywhere
  • Better data management of all your customers, who may or may not be Medi Assist members
  • Add reminders for customer policy renewal dates in the form of SMS or email

Get instant access at your fingertips to all the queries that your customers seek, on MediBuddy! Haven’t registered on MediBuddy yet? Download MB app and Sign up right now!

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