Tips for Heart Disease treatment and prevention

In India, cardiovascular disorders are the reason behind every 272 deaths per 100,000 people. Globally, cardiovascular disorders account for every 235 deaths per 100,000. With the numbers rising steadily, there is an urgent need to understand the causes and take the necessary counter measures.

Warning signs that you are at a high risk of heart attack or stroke

Lifestyle and cardiac health have a deep rooted connection. The way you lead your life and practices you indulge in may put you at a higher risk of these diseases. Take note of the following signs and symptoms and call for help immediately if you feel under the weather.

Heart Attack

  • If there is a feeling of pain, squeezing or pressure concentrated on the left side of your chest
  • Any feeling of pressure in the upper part of your body, neck, back, jawline, arms (more so if in the left) and stomach
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • Sweating suddenly
  • Shortness of breath.


  • Displaying a lopsided smile caused by the face drooping on one side.
  • Having trouble walking.
  • Slurring of speech
  • Confusion of thoughts.
  • Weakness or numbness of limbs, mostly on one side of the body.
  • Sudden severe headache.

How to decrease risk of heart disease?

  1. Limit your meals to smaller portions.
  2. Include more fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. You can reduce chances of heart attack considerably by this minor alteration in your diet.
  3. Keep a check of your blood pressure on a day to day basis.
  4. Consume proteins in the form of dairy and lean meats.
  5. One of the most common natural ways to prevent heart attack is to keep a tab on the amount of salt consumption.
  6. Do not smoke and avoid secondhand smoke as much as possible as it can put you at a high risk of heart attack.
  7. Choose whole grains over processed grains.

Exercise and heart disease prevention go hand in hand. You could also try stress-busting techniques like meditation and yoga.

Sources: Cardiovascular Diseases in India

A cardiologist visit once in a few months can help manage heart conditions and keep heart diseases at bay.

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