Make your Medical Centre your Customer’s First Choice!

Help customers find your medical centres

Ensure that your Customers Choose you !

In this tech-age, our members are increasingly choosing the most convenient way to plan their hospitalization; through our revolutionary eCashless service on the MediBuddy portal and app, where your customers are able to get a provisional pre-authorization even before stepping into your hospital. And on this platform, they get the flexibility to pick their network hospital based on their location, room type requirement and any other amenities that they feel are important to them.

Your hospital fits the requirements of your customers perfectly, and you may be just in their vicinity. But unless you showcase it to them, they would have no knowledge of the same.

Your endeavor must therefore be to present yourself on eCashless while your customer is making his choice. A sure shot manner, in which you can achieve this, is by completing your profile on MediBuddy+.

Simply update the following information:


When a customer chooses an eCashless hospitalization, a GPS enabled search helps to identify their location and give search results corresponding to the nearest hospitals that fall within the insurer network. If you are within reach, you must update your location in order to be seen on their eCashless page.


Rooms section on MediBuddy+ 

Your customers will be able to choose a room at your hospital based on:

  • The type of room and room rent
  • The number of beds available per room, and
  • The amenities available in the room.


By making all of the above information available upfront, you make it convenient for your customer to choose your hospital over others! 

Complete your profile page on MediBuddy and let your potential customers discover your medical centre and its services!

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