Increase Discovery of Your Healthcare Offerings with MediBuddy

Wouldn’t it be great if your potential customers could find you just when they need you the most? MediBuddy helps you achieve this with ease, by increasing your discoverability among potential customers.

The profile that you create on MediBuddy is almost like a ‘feeder’ to the platform where millions of Medi Assist members and your potential customers are converging for their inpatient and outpatient medical needs. It, therefore, becomes essential for you to be present on that platform to showcase all your services during that critical moment when the customers are making their choice and choose you over others.

Medi Assist members prefer to use eCashless on their MediBuddy mobile app to plan their hospitalization from the comfort of their homes – based on the room type, amenities, and pictures that you upload on your MediBuddy profile page.

And they discover a range of outpatient services – from the catalogue you populate on your MediBuddy on their exclusive cashless outpatient network, MediBuddy Infiniti.


The eCashless feature is a hassle-free method to avail cashless hospitalization on the MediBuddy app. It helps save time for you and your customers by providing a provisional pre-authorization, even before they step into the hospital. The benefit of eCashless can be availed at any network hospital and also gives your customers full visibility into the costs of the hospitalization.

MediBuddy Infiniti

MediBuddy Infiniti is Your Curated Network for Cashless Outpatient Services; where we partner to enhance access to a wide range of wellness services. Our members choose from a catalogue that you have yourself uploaded on our portal. Patients will be able to purchase and take an appointment for a wellness service online and you will have the ability to confirm the same in real time.

Let your healthcare services and facilities be discovered and become your customer’s first choice!

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