Don’t let your diet go for a toss. Here are 7 ways to maintain your diet this Diwali.

The festive mood that Diwali brings around is something Indians wait around for all year. The festival of Diwali is a moment of joy and celebration. This special occasion is marked by an array of lights illuminating our houses and the streets. A major part of Diwali celebrations is the extravagant food and sweets prepared and consumed in each household.

As Diwali gets closer it can get difficult to resist the temptation of the sweets and feasts during the festival. If you are trying to maintain your health and following a diet regimen, you can still do so during Diwali. Read on to know more about tips to maintain your diet during this festive season.

7 Ways to maintain a healthy diet during Diwali 

The festival of lights is a time for fun and frolic with family and friends. No Diwali is complete without a feast and an array of sweets specially prepared for the occasion. If you think you will have to skip the food-related festivities of Diwali, you need not worry. There are still ways in which you can maintain your diet and still enjoy the lip-smacking festival food. Here are some great ways in which you can maintain your diet and still indulge yourself: 

Plan your Diwali indulgence

You should make peace with yourself that you might add a few extra kilos during the festive season. However, that does not mean that you will completely let go of yourself this Diwali. Set a plan for yourself. If you are watching your weight, then you can set a limit of weight gain that you will stick to. You can also plan ahead to keep your weight stable the entire Diwali by making up for it with adequate exercise. 

You can plan occasions and events during the festival where you will indulge in the food and limit your Diwali sweets consumption to only those occasions. Setting a plan from ahead will help you stick to your goal and have a clear agenda of fitness in mind while still enjoying the festival. 

Moderation is your friend 

Eating good food is never the only reason why your health may deteriorate. Even the most rigorous fitness enthusiasts have cheat days. Think of Diwali as an extended cheat day period. All you have to keep in mind is to eat your fill in moderation. You may be tempted to try ou all the delicious snacks and sweets which makes Diwali an extra special occasion. Instead of having numerous sweets or samosas, try to limit yourself to smaller quantities. Eat slowly and savour the Diwali treats since you will only be eating them in very limited quantities. 

Increase your workout intensity 

You can maintain your weight and fitness by working out daily during Diwali. If you can maintain a calorie deficit or balance out the calorie consumption by burning it out, then it will not really affect your diet plans at all. A calorie deficit is a process where you burn more calories than you consume so that you can lose weight. 

While maintaining a calorie deficit is a tough task during Diwali, you can stay in shape by increasing your workout intensity to burn off the extra calories you are consuming. A little bit of extra effort can really help you stick to your fitness plans even during this festive season. 

Drink plenty of water 

Staying hydrated is a very important part of your diet. There is a lot of food consumption and sweet consumption. You can help yourself eat less fried snacks and sweets by consuming water before eating. Consumption of water before a meal makes you feel fuller and automatically reduces the amount of food you would consume otherwise. This is a great way to keep yourself hydrated and also limit the intake of food. 

Opt for healthier snack options 

Indian sweets are made with a lot of love. This love is denoted by an ample amount of ghee and sugar! There are also a variety of fried snacks which are prepared during Diwali and it is often difficult to say no to these. Opting for sweets made of mostly dried fruits or dairy can also help you limit the intake of ghee and refined sugar. Try to look for baked snack options instead of deep-fried ones. You can also look for healthy snacking options like soya sticks and rice crispies and diet chivda.  

Prepare healthy sweet alternatives

It is a custom to prepare sweets at home during Diwali. This Diwali, help yourself and your guests maintain a healthy diet by preparing healthier sweets. Cut out the use of refined sugar and prepare sweets with the help of natural sweeteners like jaggery, honey or dates. Use low-fat milk to make sweets and also use a lot of dry fruits to keep the sweets healthy. 

Limit your alcohol consumption 

Diwali is a festival where we often indulge in an alcohol binge. Consuming a heavy amount of alcohol is not good for your health and it definitely puts your diet for a toss. Stick to a minimal amount of drinks and avoid the consumption of fried snacks that always accompany Diwali drinks. 

Foods to avoid that can help you maintain your diet this Diwali 

  • Avoid all kinds of sugars (yes even brown sugar) as they increase your calorie count by a lot. 
  • Pre-packaged deserts and sweets contain a very high amount of fats and calories and it is better to stick to homemade sweets. 
  • Avoid deep-fried snacks as it is difficult to limit yourself to one and you might end up adding a lot of extra calories to your diet.


It can be difficult to maintain your diet during the festive season but it is still doable if you keep can control your cravings. Enjoy Diwali and maintain your diet by consuming your favourite foods in moderation. Enjoy a joyous Diwali and enjoy your favourite foods in a responsible manner. Avoid those extra drinks and remember to work out to enjoy a healthy Diwali! 

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