MediBuddy for Providers: One Platform for Managing Claims for All Third Party Administrators

We’re so delighted to announce the release of a game-changing version of MediBuddy Provider portal! As a provider partner on MediBuddy, you are entitled to a host of features and have witnessed several power-packed upgrades from time to time. These features help you ease medical insurance claims processing and deliver first-rate customer experience to your patients by accelerating cashless process. Here’s a quick recap of all the features and upgrades that were rolled out previously.

Now, what’s the new upgrade that helps your facility reach greater heights? This can be better answered with a question: what was MediBuddy for Providers missing?

The Hiccup: Multiple Workflows for Multiple Third Party Administrators

Up until now, MediBuddy enabled you to manage claims on behalf of customers serviced by Medi Assist. The industry adoption numbers – more than 80% of all claims are received by Medi Assist via MediBuddy; and over 60% of provider partners have completely switched to online claim management with MediBuddy –  are a testament to the unprecedented power and ease of use of the platform.

However, network hospitals continue to rely on emails, calls, and sometimes even faxes, to manage claims administered by other TPAs / in-house administration teams. So, you’re constantly toggling windows, juggling mailboxes and using multiple user interfaces to manage claims from multiple payers. It’s the same as looking left and right at the same time, and do this several times each day. This dizzying complexity had to change.

The Resolution: One Network Hospital, One Interface

The fix? Allowing network hospitals to use MediBuddy – the platform loved and trusted by over 10000 partner providers in the country – to manage claims serviced by all third party administrators. MediBuddy now empowers you to manage claims across all TPAs and payers using just one familiar interface. Here’s how it works:

  • Configure your mailbox on MediBuddy by adding the mail ID used to send / receive all correspondence on cashless admissions at your hospital.
  • Configure each payer by adding the Hospital ID (HID) used to identify your centre and the mail ID used by them to send / receive correspondence related to cashless claims.
  • Start recording new admissions related to any payer / TPA using the familiar “New Admission” screen. The preauthorization form is auto-generated based on the patient details entered and automatically emailed to the chosen TPA.
  • Manage documents, claim status and settlement reconciliation in the exact same manner as before.   

This is only just the first step towards unifying all workflows and stakeholders on a single comprehensive platform. There’s a lot more we’ve in store for this journey. So stay tuned!

Why don’t you try out the enhanced MediBuddy portal for Providers? It won’t disappoint.

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