Multiple Policies, One Single Platform – MediBuddy!

Thousands of individuals and families benefit from health insurance because of your hard work and efforts. And this is why we bring to you MediBuddy, a dedicated portal for agents, to help you manage all the policies for your customers with just a few clicks!

We understand that every customer is important for you, and you treat them and their policies at par. MediBuddy allows you to manage every policy, even if Medi Assist is not the servicing TPA.

How MediBuddy helps you manage all your policies

  • Add Medi Assist polices just by entering the policy holder’s name/policy number and MA ID. You will get all the details such as the insurer, sum insured, balance sum insured, validity period as well as the ability to download your customers’ E-card.
  • Add policies serviced by all other TPAs via the ‘Add non-Medi Assist policy’ option and fill in the required details. Here, you also have the option to search these policies later by clicking the ‘Search non-Medi Assist policies’ tab.
  • For all the policies saved on MediBuddy, you get additional information such as the number of days in which a particular policy will expire. You can view the policy details, E-cards and claim details, and you can even set a reminder for the policy end date, for which you will be notified via SMS/E-mail before the policy expires, so that you can remind your customers to renew their policy in time.
  • For the moments when you don’t have internet access and want information immediately, you have a great option to download all policies which you can save on your system or even print for ready reference!

MediBuddy helps you become more efficient while making your life simpler by empowering you with all the information that you need to serve your customers better. It is available as a portal as well as an app, so that you can get instant access to all information on-the-go! All you need to do is sign into the MediBuddy App with your existing login credentials!

So, download the MediBuddy app and create your account today to get improved access to your customers’ information anytime and from anywhere!