Network Hospital Search: It’s as simple as a map with you at the centre!

You’ve heard about this fancy new restaurant and want to find out where it is located. So you pick up your smartphone, open Maps, enter the name of the restaurant and locate it on the map.

If finding a restaurant can be so easy, why not network hospitals? After all, the urgency associated with finding a hospital is far greater than that associated with locating a place for leisure activity.

And so, we decided to transform the way Medi Assist members find and locate network hospitals – using just your location and your maps. Here’s how:

1. Open your MediBuddy app. (Don’t have it yet? Get it today from your app store today). But just in case, you can also visit and click the Hospitals tile.


2. Set your location, either your current location or change the location as necessary.

3. Choose your insurer so you see only those hospitals that are in your insurer network. (This is important because cashless hospitalization is available only at network hospitals.

4. Voila, you can see all your network hospitals! You can also change the search radius to increase your search area.


Not only do you get the location of the hospital along with all their contact details, you also have a clear visual indication of the route. Really, really simple, isn’t it? Try it and let us know what you think.