Network Hospital Search Made Easy

Deepa is pregnant and she has just completed her first trimester. Being a smart woman, she knows which doctor she should consult during her pregnancy, what kind of diet she should follow, what exercises she should do, and where she should get her scans done during her pregnancy. She has even planned her delivery well in advance. She knows that the best place to get admitted for her delivery is a network hospital covered under her insurer, as she has the option of availing cashless hospitalization and she has fewer out-of-pocket expenses to worry about. However, she has one problem – how to find out which hospital is covered under her insurer in her city?

Deepa’s husband Kiran has a simple solution for this dilemma. Being a Medi Assist customer, he is aware of the GPS enabled network hospital search feature available to him. Medi Assist’s network hospital search feature allows him to search all hospitals within their city, closest to their location. What’s more?  He can also filter his search based on the insurer and the specialty he is specifically looking for. This helps him identify and zero in on the closest hospital to their location, where Kiran can get his wife admitted when the time for hospitalization arrives.

Now Deepa can rest assured knowing that she doesn’t have to worry about finding out where she can get cashless admission for her delivery. She can now identify her preferred hospital and stay planned well ahead of time. Identifying healthcare providers near you can help you stay prepared for both planned and emergency hospitalization. Don’t wait for the need to rise, locate the preferred hospital closest to you.

Find your network hospital through Medi Assist’s network hospital search. Log on to MediBuddy to find your closest network hospital.