Obtain Pre authorization within Minutes With eCashless

pre authorization

You have been advised a surgery by your doctor for a minor fracture. You are aware that you can avail cashless hospitalization at a network hospital covered under your insurer. However, obtaining pre-authorization on the day of admission can be a long and painful process as chances are that you may have to stand in the queue at the hospitalization insurance desk filling up forms while waiting anxiously for hours to know whether your request for cashless hospitalization will be approved.

Why not opt for a better way of availing cashless hospitalization for your surgery? Say hello to eCashless by Medi Assist. With eCashless, you can skip the long wait at the hospital insurance desk. Instead, you can avail the cashless facility from the comfort of your home, that too within a few minutes.

Here is a testimonial from Shylendra Kumar from DBOI Global Services who recently opted for eCashless.

“We are very much happy and satisfied with the initiative you had taken on our claim and the quick turnaround in getting our ticket approved knowing the urgency of the patient’s discharge from the hospital. You were kind enough while talking to us and understanding our requirements and our status in the hospital.

Appreciate your good work and effort involved in settling our claim”.

You too can avail the benefits of eCashless for your hospitalization. Watch the video to know how.