Planned hospitalization made easy with eCashless

Are you in the process of planning a hospitalization? Today, anything from ordering a meal from your favourite restaurant to booking a cab can be achieved with just a few clicks on your smartphone. When technology has made almost every single service so easily accessible, why should only healthcare take a backseat? Planned hospitalization allows you to take control of inpatient care for you and your loved ones.

The agony of leaving your ailing relatives unattended while you wait at the hospital insurance desk makes the whole process of cashless hospitalization seem like a huge hassle. This apart, there is also a lot of anxiety about the estimated cost of treatment, availability of a preferred room type and the out-of-pocket expenses your family would have to incur. Book an eCashless request on MediBuddy, and get everything you need – provisional preauthorization and the estimated cost of treatment at your chosen network hospital – ahead of your planned hospitalization.

To avail eCashless, all you need to do is follow these simple steps:

1. Click the eCashless tile on MediBuddy and request for preauthorization at least 48 hours prior to your hospitalization. If you’ve pre-planned your hospitalization, why just stop at deciding the date? You can search for hospitals within your insurer’s network and filter them by location, specialties, amenities, room types, etc., and pick one that best matches your needs!

2. Receive a secure passcode confirming your provisional approval.

3. Present your passcode and your e-card at the hospital insurance desk on the date of admission.

4. Your network hospital will validate your passcode and give you the preauthorization approval letter instantly. Sign and submit the form along with a valid photo ID proof. And you are well on your way to a quick and easy cashless admission at the hospital.

5. Get green channelled into the allocated room for a hassle-free cashless treatment. With no worry on your mind, you can relax on the day of admission and focus on the one thing that you need to – a quick and speedy recovery.

Also, now you have the added advantage of managing your claims online and in real-time, with MediBuddy. There’s no need to make repeated phone calls to your TPA; start tracking your claims from anywhere, anytime with MediBuddy.

So, what are you waiting for? Raise an eCashless request with just a couple of clicks on MediBuddy, from the comfort of your home, and make the most of your health insurance policy benefits!