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Pre and Post Hospitalization Services

There’s always a lot to be done ahead of an inpatient procedure: doctor consultations, second opinion, lab tests and more! There’s also a lot to be done after hospitalization, where you need to monitor your health with lab tests, ensure you stick to your medicine schedule, and get all the rest you need. But how do you rest with so much to do? Let MediBuddy help you through the maze!

Pre and Post Hospitalization healthcare services on MediBuddy

Let’s take you through the outpatient services you can book on MediBuddy for your pre and post hospitalization needs:

The comfort of home visits: During those weeks of post-operative recuperation, enjoy the comfort of home sample collection for follow-on lab tests and doorstep delivery of prescription medicines.

Consultation: Schedule a consultation with a specialist at a date and time that’s convenient for you. You can also choose your preferred location and price range.

Tele Consultation: Got a simple question that doesn’t need a physical appointment? With Tele Consultation, you can get in touch with a specialist over a call, at your preferred date and time, from anywhere.

Second Opinion: If you find yourself second-guessing your diagnosis, it’s best to consult a specialist for a second opinion. All you need to do is upload your medical documents on MediBuddy, and a panel of specialists will review your case and send you a detailed report.

Lab Tests: MediBuddy lets you book your preferred lab test online, from diagnostic centres and labs you trust. From tests that you may need before a hospitalization, to post-hospitalization tests to help keep track on your path to recovery, you can sift through and book from a wide catalogue of lab tests as per your need.

Medicines: When hospitalization is on the cards, or when you are already on your way to recovery, medicines play an important role. This could mean multiple prescription refills. MediBuddy makes this easy for you by allowing you to book your prescription medicines online and have them home delivered or schedule a store pick-up as per your convenience!

Home Health Care: Find all the post-hospitalization rehabilitation help you need, on MediBuddy. Schedule physician visits, nursing staff to administer medical treatment, physiotherapists and more, right in the comfort of your home!

Avail Discounts or Make it Cashless

Find specific healthcare services close to you at the click of a button! That’s not all! You can also get significant discounts or even make these essential pre- and post-hospitalization expenses cashless, based on your health insurance cover,  while scheduling the appointments according to your convenience.

Go ahead and get better acquainted with MediBuddy and access a
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