Save on Maternity Costs With eCashless

Save on Maternity Costs

Nina was overjoyed when she learnt that she was going to have a baby. At night, she lay awake dreaming of the endless cuddles, the cute little outfits and the warm feel of her new-born as she would hold it. But she realized that preparing for motherhood also meant numerous visits to her gynaecologist, tests, scans and the delivery itself; resulting in medical expenses for which she must plan today.

The wise girl that Nina is, she promptly realizes that her health insurance policy has a maternity cover that she can utilize, and make her expenses completely cashless. However, she does not want to exhaust her insured amount; whatever money she saves could get utilized for her baby, should the need arise.

With ample time on her hands, she decides to plan her maternity expenses the eCashless way through MediBuddy! Not only does she get full visibility in advance into the expenses that she will incur, but she also gets to avail provisional preauthorization at her chosen network hospital!

Here is how she did it:

  • She clicked the E-card tile on the MediBuddy mobile app/online portal to download her E-Card.
  • She then clicked the eCashless tile on MediBuddy
  • She searched for the hospitals within her insurer network and filters them by location, specialities, amenities, room types, packages etc., and picks the one that matches her needs
  • She entered the details of her impending hospitalization and sent intimation 48 hours ahead of admission.
  • She received a secure passcode confirming her provisional preauthorization.
  • On the day of admission, she presented her secured pass-code, Medi Assist E-card and photo ID card at the hospital and got green-channeled into the room of her choice!

Nina had a bonny baby and she was completely worry-free throughout her pregnancy, thanks to her smart planning.

Be smart like Nina, book eCashless from the comfort of your home and save on your maternity expenses!