The Changing Face of TPAs

third party administrator

Prashant Jhaveri, Head, Products and Strategy, Medi Assist Healthcare Services, was recently interviewed by Healthcare Radius, a healthcare magazine for Indian healthcare professionals. Discussing the changing face of health insurance third party administrators (TPA), this is what he had to say:“TPAs are an integral part of the rapidly evolving healthcare ecosystem – they are the bridge between insurance companies, hospitals and their customers, facilitating seamless access to cashless health insurance benefits. Going by the observable trends in the Indian healthcare industry, the role of TPAs is only going to widen in the years to come.TPAs play the unique role of an aggregator in the industry; they empanel hospitals into their network to enable cashless hospitalization for their members. TPAs bring insurance companies, hospitals, ambulatory healthcare service providers, pharmacies, corporates, and individuals together, and as the single point of contact for all of them, they manage a wide web of interactions seamlessly.TPAs that can aggregate a wide spectrum of service providers will be in a position to attract many more consumers of healthcare. Service providers are also more willing to partner with TPAs that have a wide customer-base in a bid to reach out to a larger segment of the market”.To read the complete article, click here.

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