Green Tea: A Shortcut To Weight Loss

Green Tea: A Shortcut To Weight Loss

This soothing beverage with a slight flavour comes with many weight loss benefits. In fact, green tea’s success as a weight loss product can be validated from the fact that it has become the second most popular beverage worldwide for people with weight loss goals.

Let’s look at how this wonder brew will help you shrug off those unwanted kilos.

How does green tea affect weight loss?

Speeds up metabolism

Your weight has a direct relationship with your metabolism. The process that is responsible for converting everything that you eat into energy and how your body utilizes it is called metabolism. A fast metabolism rate means your body quickly burns up the calories and you don’t gain weight. But if your metabolism is sluggish, you slowly put on weight. There are many tricks to help you speed up your metabolism. And one of them is drinking green tea regularly. 

Most variants of green tea contain caffeine and catechin- a kind of flavonoid or antioxidant. Both caffeine and catechin increase the pace of your metabolism, make your body use up more energy by burning loads of calories and thereby breaking down excess fat deposited in different parts of your body. Green tea activates norepinephrine – a fat-burning hormone. That is why this beverage is not only effective in weight loss but also in maintaining your weight. 

Makes exercise more effective

Another very special benefit of green tea is that it increases your body’s capacity to burn fats when you exercise. That is why, if you have a cup of green tea before you hit the gym, you will lose weight faster.

Makes you consume fewer calories

The caffeine present in green tea (24-40 mg in a cup) kills appetite for a while and this will restrain you from reaching out for an unhealthy snack

Banishes the pesky belly fat

Belly fat or visceral fat is not just unattractive but potentially lethal because it leads to inflammation, heart disorders, high blood pressure, insulin resistance and diabetes. But green tea can eliminate belly fat in no time. 

How much green tea should you drink?

Generally, 2 or 3 cups of green tea a day should suffice to implement weight loss. But if you are overweight, it might take more time before you see the results. 


Green tea is an effective weight-loss tool. But don’t go overboard with it, because excess caffeine is not good for your heart.

Accumulation of belly fat is dangerous for your health. The regular consumption
of green tea has proven to help lose belly fat. To know the benefits of tea
consumption in detail and for pertaining queries, speak to a Doctor
on MediBuddy today.


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