Winter care for everyone!


People of different ages deal with winter differently. Adults wouldn't need the same care that babies do, youngsters may have a better immunity. Customize winter care with the help of these tips.

The smaller. The colder.

Infants and toddlers need extra attention during winter months. Babies tend to lose heat more quickly than their adult counterparts.

Here’s a checklist

  • Vaccinations/shots are up to date
  • Appropriate warm clothing
  • Keep surroundings clean and dry
  • Avoid people who are down with any contagious illness
  • Keep medicines handy
  • Keep their hands and feet covered
  • Get enough sunlight

Early Chilledhood

Flu, fever and other illnesses become common with children during winter. Pay attention to these winter care tips for children between ages 3 and 12.

  • Include hot foods in their diet. Eg, ghee, egg, chicken
  • Clothe them in warm, thick outfits
  • Keep skin moisturized
  • Serve warm liquids and soups often
  • Watch out for symptoms of flu or fever
  • Dry completely after warm baths

Now entering the teen zone

Teenagers and tweens may think that they don’t need extra care this winter, it has nothing to do with their attitude, it has everything to do with the season.

  • Ensure moisturization, depending on your skin type.
  • Eat dry fruits, leafy veggies and fruits
  • Drink healthy juices and soups
  • Stay active
  • Dress warm
  • Talk to a doctor if you’re feeling unwell
  • Maintain hygiene

Adulting is cold

For the young at heart, winters can either be something their body is used to or not. It’s best to keep an eye on your health during the season.

  • Drink plenty of healthy fluids and water
  • Practice good hand hygiene
  • Condition your hair and use a moisturizing shampoo
  • Take care of your skin
  • Be prepped for seasonal allergies
  • Plan and stick to a fitness routine
  • Improve indoor air quality with plants and humidifiers

The (c)old ways

Winters can be a difficult time for the elderly. Their weakened immunity and bodies make them susceptible to a lot of diseases and health conditions.

  • Stay insulated
  • Keep hot-water bottles handy
  • Opt for a warm oil massage
  • Eat immunity boosting foods
  • Check vaccine schedules
  • Get as much sunlight as possible
  • Drink enough water and stock up on meds

The cold season is about to begin – stay warm, think cozy thoughts and keep a doctor close (just in case) this winter.